Search & Rescue with ActiveMapper

The App for All Things Outdoors


Search & Rescue with ActiveMapper

The App for All Things Outdoors

The App for Emergency Situations

Search & Rescue and Emergency & First Responders find ActiveMapper beneficial because it can collect data within a group as well as share data between users. This is a proven critical feature when searching for a missing child or responding to an emergency situation that covers a large area.


An administrator can create a rescue or work order ticket by entering the latitude and longitude or the address of the site. The ticket can then be claimed by a group or individual and can be closed once it is complete. Users can also add information to the tickets to share with other group members.



ActiveMapper is software designed for searching, tracking and locating all things outdoors. It is the first of its kind to utilize tracking software and navigation tools in one user-friendly app.

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• Aerial mapping
• Creating and naming/managing paths
• Set points and add attribute data
• Point searching and navigate to point(s)
• Current location
• Creating and managing groups
• Real-time tracking of group users
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