While ActiveMapper has numerous uses, it was created as an essential tool for First Responders, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue teams, as well as Hunters, Fishermen, Hikers, Campers and Geocachers. 

Key Features:

  • Aerial Mapping

  • Creating and Naming/Managing Paths

  • The Ability to Set Points and Add Attribute Data

  • Point Searching and Navigate to Point(s)

  • Current Location

  • Creating and Managing Groups

  • Real Time Tracking of Group Users

  • Group Instant Messaging

  • Picture Association with Points

  • Point Reservations (for deer stands, duck blinds, camps, etc.)

  • Point Inversing

  • Exporting Point Data to .PDF

  • Coming soon! Standalone GPS tracking devices to be compatible with ActiveMapper (for children, rescue dogs, hunting dogs, etc.)



Search & Rescue and Emergency & First Responders

find ActiveMapper beneficial because it can collect data within a group as well as share data between users.  This is a proven critical feature when searching for a missing child or responding to an emergency situation that covers a large area.


Hunters, Hunting Clubs & Fishermen

like the feature that allows users to reserve deer stands or duck blinds for days, months or the season. In addition, ActiveMapper’s GPS feature promotes safety by allowing you to track fellow sportsmen to pinpoint their location if separated; and let’s not forget about adding attribute data to pictures for bragging rights!


Law Enforcement, SWAT & Wildlife Field Agents

find the aerial photography feature useful when navigating unfamiliar areas.  ActiveMapper has the ability to store points and add attribute data to each point, which allows efficient data collection, storage and downloading; these features also help build legal cases with strong evidence.  Furthermore, the GPS feature allows you to pinpoint individual locations so groups and teams can track fellow officers and agents during an emergency situation.

Hikers, Bikers & Campers

find the trail marking feature extremely helpful when trekking back to the campsite.  Even better is the "off-trail alarm" that sends an alert notification to you and your group if you wander off trail. Having the ability to know the location of family and members in your group is an added safety feature when venturing outdoors into unchartered territory. 


have all of the tools needed to locate, store and upload geocaching data to a database to share with users.